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Cuckoo Clocks

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Large Cuckoo

This is a German cuckoo clock.
220.00 (GBP)

Large cuckoo clock

A large cuckoo clock with bird and leaf motif.German made,21 inc. high
1,200.00 (GBP)

Mantel Cuckoo Clock

A table cuckoo clock,finely leaves motif carved case, ivory hands,5 1/2" dial, 13 3/4" wide, 18" high.
1,200.00 (GBP)


This is a large mantle cuckoo clock that winds with a key. This clock still needs some service and repair work so let us know if you are interested and we will get started!
1,200.00 (GBP)

Medium size cuckoo clock

Simple style with nicely carved with leaf motif,weight driven,medium size
250.00 (GBP)

Musical Cuckoo

This lovely cuckoo plays a musical tune and the people dance.
450.00 (GBP)

Musical Cuckoo

When the cuckoo comes out a tune is played and the men dance around in a circle.
350.00 (GBP)

Musical Cuckoo Clock

A musical large size cuckoo clock with two animals around the dial. On the top you can see a little dancing party.
450.00 (GBP)

Religious Cuckoo Clock

A small cuckoo clock with "religious appearance", two musicians angels decorates the dial, however on the top it can see a classical party.
250.00 (GBP)

repairs info

All our repairs are undertaken by our specialist staff with over 40 years experience. We give Free estimates and most jobs are completed within 10 days. Give us a call on 0207 985 0374
0.00 (GBP)

Traditional Cuckoo Clock

A antique cuckoo clock with a rustic shape perfect for wild places. On the top it has a deer with long horns that make it look "special".
350.00 (GBP)